Event Partner: Dirt Factory Dan

//, Sponsors/Event Partner: Dirt Factory Dan

Dirt Factory in the Makin’: Meet the man that’s making it happen Director Dan…

1. Name?

Dan Makin.

2. Age?


3. Day job?

Dirt Factory co-founder and project lead.

4. What was your first mountain bike?

I remember it well, it was a Townsend Kaos. It was bright orange and the coolest bike on the planet, well that’s what I thought…

5. What bikes do you currently own?

I’ve lost some good’ns over the years to those pesky thieves, but I keep rebuilding my fleet. I have a 2015 Trek Remedy 9 and a Black Market Riot jump bike. I’ve always had downhill bikes but can’t afford one at the minute, so I bought an all round trail bike which is the Trek which does downhills and uphills.

6. What are your favourite trails around Rossendale?

The only one I really know is Lee Quarry, which is good fun. I’ve heard there are plenty of hidden gems to ride, if anyone wants to show me, please do give me a hola.

7. What is your favourite album and/or artist?

Wow, always tough for me this one, I love a lot of albums! Erm… Album, I’m going to say J5 Quality Control, and for the artist, probably The Offspring because I’ve listened to them since youth (choices subject to change though haha).

8. What was the best gig you’ve been to?

Probably Leeds Festival in 2007 because I watched both of the above.

9. What’s your current tipple of choice?

A pint of Tiger Rut, brewed in Mossley where I live.

10. Why do you ride bikes?

It gives me a buzz, a fix I need I think to keep grounded, and it’s really social and very open. You can be riding park one day or mooching up a hill the next. I love enjoying a view, eating my butties and then bazzing it back down.

11. What does Northern Grip mean to you?

Winter’s Coming!

12. What are you looking forward to most at this years festival?

Everything, I missed it last year but the guys said it was awesome so I’m looking forward to riding some bikes, listening to music, eating and jumping the air bag too.

13. What else, besides bikes, are you interested in?

I love music and play the G-tar, bit of piano and bass. I’d love to be in a band, just don’t think I have time. I also love football but got a weird ankle injury at the minute, it’s not stopping me from riding bikes though so I’m happy.

Dirt Factory will be the UK’s first indoor mountain bike park – a fun and friendly recreation facility for all ages and abilities. Boasting a range of progressive, flowing, trail loveliness. Plus skills zones, jumps and foam pits. What more could you want?

How can you help? Glad you asked. To support the amazing work the Dirt Factory team are doing and make this vision a reality, visit the support section on their website here to learn more.

They’ll also be bringing along their airbag*, and you can trust we’ve sorted you out a discount with your festival wristband.

*Full face helmets a must! If your planning on flipping, whipping and table topping all day we suggest you bring your own, but don’t worry, if you just want to have a go, we’ll have a few to lend…

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