Here are the details of the demo bikes from Yeti and Orange that our key sponsor Leisure Lakes will be bringing to this year’s Northern Grip (did we mention there are still tickets available?).

Yeti and Orange. Names to conjure with. Bike brands with oodles of heritage and hordes of loyal fans. And two very different bike companies.

Not just different in location – Durango, Colorado versus Halifax, West Yorkshire – but different in how they design bikes.

In the turquoise corner we have Yeti and their multi-pivot suspension designs hewn out of carbon fibre (can you hewn carbon?) and sporting all kinds of gadgets and mod cons.

In the er, orange corner we have Orange and their single-pivot trail-smashers folded out of sheet aluminium and usually sporting a fair few scrapes and scratches from a typically no-nonsense owner.

Both great brands making great bikes. Both prime examples of the blessed variety within mountain biking.

If you demo a Yeti and also an Orange you’ll instantly have experienced each end of the full-suspension spectrum! And you may be surprised which one suits you best.

Yeti SB6

Enduro World Series reigning champ Richie Rude’s weapon of choice. Six travel 27.5in wheel enduro trail slayer with Yeti’s cunning Switch Infinity suspension system. A boutique booter.

Yeti SB5+

Come and experience for yourself what all the fuss about Plus is. The SB5+ is – you guessed it – the Plus version of the already-iconic Yeti SB5 trail bike. Witchcraft meets hovercraft.

Orange Stage 6

The new big-travel big-wheel rock crusher that’s converting many a 29er naysayer into full-on wagon wheeling Strava heroes. An enduro weapon.

Orange Stage 5

For those wanting a bit more trail feel and less heft then there’s the 29in wheel version of the iconic Orange Five. A consummate trail bike.

Orange Alpine 6

Imagine a regular 27.5in wheel Orange Five that’s gone away for awhile and returned more muscle and facial hair than it had before. Fun, fun, fun.

Orange Four

It’s the quiet ones you need to look out for. A four inch travel 27.5in wheel full sudser for those who like their bike riding do the talking. All you really need.

Orange Segment

Essentially the 29in wheel version of the Orange Four. As such it’s ideal for the mile-munchers and ascending addicts out there. And taller riders. A very capable ride indeed.

Orange Five

Needs no introduction. There’s very little on paper to make a strong argument for the Orange Five above the other models. But Five owners don’t spend time arguing on the internet. They’re out riding.

Orange Clockwork

A great option as a ‘first proper bike’ or as a winter thrash-about bike. Or you could try and wangle it on the Work The Scheme just because you can. Everyone should ride a Clockwork at some point.

Orange Crush

Very much a pioneer of the modern return-to-the-hardtail movement. All the geometry and handling of a progressive full susser with none of the mess. A very sharp blunt weapon.

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