Event partner: Paul Mulderrig of Mulderrig’s Solicitors

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Bacup boy done good Paul Mulderrig from Mulderrig's Solicitors is a big reason why there'll be a Northern Grip this year. Thanks Paul! 1. Name? Paul Mulderrig. 2. Age? 57. 3. Day job? Solicitor at Mulderrig's Solicitors. 4. What was your first mountain bike? Trek 8000 hardtail. 5. What [...]

Event Partner: Dan from DB Sports & Leisure Vehicles

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Dan Barker is the builder of dream machines... 1. Name? Dan Barker 2. Age? 43 3. Day job? Automotive consultant and builder of dream machines 4. What was your first mountain bike? Trek 830 in 1990 5. What bikes do you currently own? Specialized endure expert 27.5, Cube [...]

Sonder bikes make a welcome return to Northern Grip

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Sonder Bikes return to Northern Grip with shiny demo bikes for you to try on the trails for free. sonder n. the realisation that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own Sonder bikes are Alpkit bikes. Alpkit have only been producing [...]